About Shanghai Urban Design Challenge(SUDC)

Shanghai Master Plan 2017-2035 (Shanghai 2035) puts forward the goal of striving for the excellent global city, and building Shanghai into a more innovative, humanistic and sustainable city. In order to draw upon all useful opinions, promote the application of big data, and innovate the technology, management and methods for urban design, we organized the “Shanghai Urban Design Competition”.

For this Challenge hosted by Shanghai Planning and Land Resource Administration Bureau, several public or civil projects of social concerns and wide influence are selected each year on the basis of the actual situation of Shanghai, and published on the Internet to request proposals and ideas worldwide for such projects, forming a brand for the increative and influential urban planning of Shanghai City. We have hosted two sessions of “Shanghai Urban Design Competition” since 2016. Hundreds of teams/individuals from over 30 cities both at home and abroad have taken part in this competition, greatly enriching the urban design and renewal of Shanghai.

2018 Shanghai Urban Design Challenge has been officially published. Upholding the principle of being “Open, Sharing and Innovative” and the ideas of “Big Data and Internet +”, and based on the multiple source data platform and key urban design projects, we strike to explore new urban design methods through “Mass Innovation, Mass Planning” and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Shanghai government has actively implemented the requirements of Shanghai 2035 and focused on the construction of the waterfront areas of two important rivers in the city - the Huangpu River and the Wusong River (Suzhou River). All these efforts are supposed to further improve the function and quality of the waterfront spaces through a series of reconstruction work, making these waterfront areas a world-class waterfront belt. Participants can select “Surrounding Area of 80,000-ton silo in Minsheng Port in Pudong New Area” or “Urban Renewal Design for Jiading ‘Southern Four Areas’ ” as the design target. All participants can use the basic data provided by the Sponsor and participating teams are encouraged to bring their own data or integrate other related big data resources, so that they can create urban design plans based on the analysis and application of big data and provide innovative design ideas for the transition of urban areas that are needed to be updated.

Project Introduce

Site Location

Under the impetus of the urban renewal of Shanghai and the construction of a world-class waterfront of “Huangpu River and the Suzhou River”, the SUDC selected the SFA on the border Wusong River (Suzhou River) in Jiading District as the design object. The SFA belong to the wedge-shaped greenbelt of Wusong River, with the greenbelt of the Outer Ring area on its west. Our aim is that through the shaping of the waterfront public spaces and the renewal and protection of industrial heritage, the SFA will be built into a vibrant space that highlights culture and gathers popularity.

Design Scope

The design scope of the SFA base is: north to Jinshajiang Road, south to Wusong River (Suzhou River), west to the Outer Ring area, and east to Xibang. It involves two districts of Jiading District and Changning District. The total area of the SFA is 36.28 hectares, including 32.94 hectares in Jiading District and 3.34 hectares in Changning District.

Design Objective

Participants shall carry out the urban design and green landscape design within the design scope, focus on “connecting waterfront public spaces” and “industrial heritage protection”, and determine the positioning of the target site, improve the overall quality of the public spaces, add new functions and activities, and inherit the industrial culture through the research on big data, so as to promote the function molding and the creation of walking system along the waterfront of Wusong River (Suzhou River), and to built the SFA into a vibrant space that highlights culture and gathers popularity.

Site Location

By 2017, Shanghai has completed the project to connects all public spaces on the East Bank of the Huangpu River, linking up the rambling, running and riding zones. The target site of this competition is an important node on the eastern bank of the Huangpu River. Our aim is, through the improvement of regional public functions, the optimization of regional public space systems, as well as the promotion of public art atmosphere and environmental quality, to build this site into a waterfront public space which can be used to hold large fairs, art events, art exhibition, artworks trades, cultural performance, creative design and boutique hotels, and fully shared by all citizens of Shanghai.

Design Scope

The design scope includes Minsheng Road, the south bank of Huangpu River, inner-ring overhead highways to Pudong Avenue, covering an area of about 64 hectares.

Design Objective

The design objective is to build the target site into a more attractive waterfront district which has a more comfortable and colorful atmosphere and more pleasant environment given consideration to both historical memory and the needs of modern activities: special attention shall be paid to urban public activities, and it must be ensured that people can roam from this site to the green space in Pudong and Binjiang.

• Beginning-September 24
Deadline for submission
• 24:00, September 16
• mid September to mid October
• Late October

Data supply

Once registered successfully, participants can log on the “Multi - Source Data Platform” on our official website to surf or download data. Participants are encouraged to bring their own data.
Data browsing: log on to the official website http://sudc.qxqy.sh.cn, click on the “multiple source data platform” column on the home page, then click on the data categories on the left to browse the data.
Data download: log on to the official website http://sudc.qxqy.sh.cn, click on the “multiple source data platform” column on the home page, then click “Data Download” in the upper right corner, and download the basic data.


Participants should submit their works before the deadline by uploading them to the official website. Log on to the official website http://sudc.qxqy.sh.cn, and upload the works by clicking “Login - Personal Center - Submit Works”. The file name should be “registration number +project title”. All submissions should be compressed and uploaded. In case of more than one submissions, the final submission shall prevail (the previous submissions will be replaced).


Each target site sets awards as follows:

Third Prize

3 awards,
50 thousand each

First Prize

1 awards,
150 thousand each

Second Prize

2 awards,
100 thousand each


5 awards,
10 thousand each

(Note: related prizes may go vacant, and the above awards are subject to tax)


The final review of all submissions is scheduled to take place in mid September to mid October, 2018, and experts of the juror panel will determine winning works.
The organizer will announce the list of winning works in one week after the final review.


The copyright of all winning works belongs to the participants. The organizer is entitled to use them. Winning teams should not use their submission for other design competitions or commissions. The organizer reserves the right to the final interpretation.
All data provided by the organizer (text, drawing, electronic data, etc.) are protected by the copyright. Without authorization, any act of reproduction, revision, publication or transfer shall be prohibited, or otherwise the offender will be held legally accountable and disqualified for the contest.


The contest and relating rules are subject to the laws of China. Where a dispute arises and cannot be resolved through consultation, both parties agree to submit the dispute to arbitration by Shanghai International Arbitration Center. The arbitral award will be final and binding on both parties.
All the above time is Beijing Time, and the organizer reserves the right to change the schedule. All changes will be notified through the WeChat OA 7 days in advance.

Members of the Jury

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  • 郑时龄


  • 李振宇


  • 王德


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  • 朱乾


2017 Achievement Exhibition

2016 Achievement Exhibition


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Shanghai Urban Planning Verifying Center
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